Tuesday, October 29, 2013

You Can Hardly Meet Every Customer’s Needs

Every time when we speak about customer service or customer loyalty, it seems there is nothing easier than satisfying customers. Be polite, be attentive, be patient, be respectful… But can a rep meet every customer’s needs? Not sure…

There are different customer types and various solutions to satisfy them. Gone are the times when customer couldn’t reach a company. Besides an email or a phone call, there are also different social channels to connect with the company and solve the problem in no time.

But today’s customers became more difficult to deal with. People are more aggressive and they think if they pay for the service they should have no problems at all. They may cry loudly at the rep and never respond to excuses – “An ill payer never wants an excuse”.

It’s even worse while dealing with chronic complaining customers – they are never satisfied and will always find something to complain.

The most dangerous customers are those which never complain to the company, but post a comment in social channels. But even here where is a way out. The rep should take the customer offline through direct messaging or an email and clarify the problem as quick as possible.

And finally the best customer type - the ones who want a good service and are ready to pay for that. Their complains are reasonable and they are much interested in the results.

For sure customers cannot be always right, but anyway they should be treated with respect and sympathy. As the proverb says: “He who pays the piper calls the tune”.

It’s a reality - “Your customer makes your product”, so let’s at least try to meet their needs.


  1. hmmm great post and you are right, it is hard to meet every customer’s needs.
    but online communication is the most important tool for a business because via online communication your potential customers can reach you from anywhere in the country. approx 75% of Australian businesses using 1300 phone words

    1. Hi Mike and thanks for the comment.
      Your website made me remember you:)

  2. but on the other hand it is also true that we cannot change our product or service for every customer, i know to running a successful business it is necessary that you fulfill the customer requirements, but if we can't do that we have to explain our problem to the customer... this is my thought..

  3. Great post, i love it...
    the post is quite old but the the content of the article is awesome, yes it is truth that we cannot meet every customer needs. yeah, but on the other hand it is also a fact that we have to try to fulfill every customer needs because it is a very important task to grow our business fast.

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