Monday, September 23, 2013

Make Your Customers’ Day or They Will Make Yours!

“Make your customer’s day”- a well-known statement used for all customer types. And many people will agree if we don’t make our customers happy, they can make our lives complicated. What can be worse than a negative word-of-mouth? Lost customers not only affect your business, but also prevent from attracting new customers.

But keep in mind that unhappy customers are like competitors, they give you an opportunity for change and improvement, they can even give birth to new ideas. Win back every single customer or it will cost your business lots.

In evidence to this I’d like to share an Infographic with some stats on poor customer experience and its cost:

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Surf the web with us!

On daily bases people use different screen sharing solutions and many of them never think that co-browsing is something different from it. With traditional screen sharing a rep can see everything that’s on the presenter’s computer, including all the open tabs, applications, documents and programs. The rep can also control everything on the presenter’s computer. A great way in dealing with some close friends or relatives, no more!

If you’re a serious company you cannot use screen sharing. It’s a problem for customers who might have a concern allowing a rep to access the entire desktop. In other words it’s a security headache for the companies who want to show some private data. And here the most customer-friendly technology comes to help.

Collaborative browsing, also known as co-browsing is a relatively new technology which enables the simultaneous viewing of specific web pages by more than one individual. It is helpful in solving different problems. Nowadays many companies use it to offer a live help to their customers. Co-Browsing lets the rep to remotely see only the page the customer is on at the moment. Effectively, co-browsing allows a company and a customer to "be on the same page." This makes co-browsing much more secure than traditional screen sharing, especially dealing with sensitive information. No user downloads or installations are needed for co-browsing!

Co-browsing is deployed across nearly every industry starting from online education, insurance companies, banking, governmental segments, etc. (even army uses it to provide a place to meet 24/7 for the people and organizations engaged in keeping the peace). It’s widely used for customer/sales support, shopping, trainings, collaboration, transactions. Imagine how easy it will be to conduct sales using co-browsing! Call center agents use co-browsing to help customers navigate the company website. It’s also useful for group projects requiring joint information access between users. Plus to all its numerous benefits, the most important thing is that co-browsing guaranties security while sharing your web.

Visit LiveLOOK right now and we’ll help you surf the web! Make your web shareable!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Twitter - Build Your Brand Awareness!

Twitter became one of the most popular social platforms used by the great part of the companies worldwide. It’s used for broadcasting, engagement, content sharing, driving traffic.

Many companies have more than one twitter account (Dell has 44 Twitter accounts.) Anyway statistics shows that personal accounts have more followers than companies. Here you can see the statistics of the top Twitter accounts for the year 2013.

It was so interesting to read some facts about Twitter that I decided to put the most important ones here. (Most stats provided by Twitter via Hubspot.)


  • Twitter has 105,779,710 registered users
  • 300,000 new users sign up per day
  • There are over 100,000 Twitter applications
  • Twitter receives 180 million unique visitors per month
  • 37% of active Twitter users use their phone to tweet
  • 63% of Brands have multiple accounts
  • 97% of major brands use Twitter(Apple does not use Twitter or any other social media)
  • There are more women on Twitter (53%) than men (47%)
  • New York has the most Twitters users, followed by Los Angeles, Toronto, San Francisco and Boston
  • 21% of users have never posted a Tweet

Did you know?
  • The best time to tweet if you want to be retweeted is on Friday at 4 p.m. EST (says Social media scientist Dan Zarrella)
  • It’s recommended to use a maximum of two hashtags per tweet
  • Weekends are the best time to reach customers on Twitter
  • Tweets with media (a photo/video) get 3 to 4 times more engagement than those without
  • Twitter is good for busy hours (7AM-8PM). This, of course, will depend on your target audience and company type, but mostly it works.
  • Even though the tweet can contain 140 characters, try to use 100 characters (120 at maximum) to make it retweetable. First of all it attracts attention and, secondly, people can add their comments when retweeting.
In one of my next posts I’ll try to put some great free Twitter analytics tools that I ever used to measure Twitter effectiveness.