Thursday, May 8, 2014

Mayday Made a "Button" Revolution

Introduced in autumn of 2013, Amazon Mayday intrigued the whole population. Not only Kindle users were interested in the support button.

And all this has been done for differentiating from the competition. While we used to say that competition is one click away, now we can also say that the best customer service is one button-press away.

“Help” buttons are becoming an important sales tool. In the future it may become a must for many companies. This can have two explanations: people keep hands in pockets to get replies to their questions themselves or life became so busy that we have no time to lose.

Several months passed with positive and negative reviews. Mobile in its turn became an important tool with more and more people using it.  So, at the end of April 2014, mimicking Amazon Mayday, Salesforce added the SOS button, which allows companies to offer service via a mobile app. It’s a one touch live video support with an on-screen guided assistance – what else is needed for the best customer service?

Although there is no pricing announcement for the service yet, Salesforce SOS has support for both iOS and Android.  Similar in concept to Amazon Mayday button, the Salesforce SOS also allows other companies apply the button on their own customer support system. A great tool to boost customer loyalty and satisfaction through better support.

What will the next company call the ‘‘help” button? And when? I guess we’ll not have to wait long.

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