Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Twitter – Best Social Platform in Response Time

It’s not the first time I’m impressed by Twitter usage.  As I’m responsible for social media in the company I work, I decided to tweet to @CrunchBase with the company issue and got a response back in 30 minutes. I was so happy, I imagined sending an email and waiting for the response for hours or even days. Let’s not forget that there are also companies who never reply.

So, every time I have a problem with any company, product or service, the first thing that comes to my mind is Twitter as the quickest, reliable and friendly solution.

"81% of Twitter users expect a same-day response to questions and complaints aimed at brands" (Forbes)

As of March 2013, 99% of brands are on Twitter, and 30% have a dedicated customer service handle, mentions a study by Simply Measured. At the same time Socialbakers publishes a list of the top fastest responding brands on Twitter, where Halo BCA, is the fastest responding brand worldwide. It took 3 minutes to respond the request – fast than anyone ever!

By responding to user questions quickly, every company can resolve different issues and avoid negative opinion from spreading. This is the best customer service we used to mention as a priority in today’s innovative world.

Many companies dedicate full-time employees to respond on Twitter. So if your company is still missing Twitter, it’s high time to create a profile and very soon your company will surely benefit from it. Make it easy for your customers to connect quickly and receive a helpful response.  

It’s all about customers’ delight as well as your company’s prosperity!

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