Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Customer Service - The True Face of Your Company

Have you ever thought who the face of your company is? Marketers think that they are the face of the company; support team thinks the same, Human Resource team, why not the founder of the company? It may turn out that every member of the company situates oneself to be the most important chain who establishes the face of the company.

On the other hand it may happen so that the founder of your company is a "guru" at business but not so good at being social. Or support team may deliver a great customer service without considering being the face of the company. After all, who is the real face, does it depend on the position of the employee, his dressing, good public speaking ability or anything else?

Employees are “internal customers”

From my understanding the face of the company cannot be a person or a team, but the company as a whole. Every member of the company should be involved in customer service and consider oneself being the face of the company to produce the best results. As every employee may once be delivering customer service which can be crucial for the company.

Being the face of the company is not enough

Now when we clarified the importance of every member of the company, let’s speak about one’s being such, as just being the “face” is not enough, one should be the “true” and “positive” face of the company.

That is why it’s difficult for the Human Resource along with management team to make a decision – one may be a pro in his work, but have poor speaking or relationship building abilities. Imagine, it’s so difficult to be “all in one” personality. There are cases when great relationship building ability is overdesired than the professionalism. Not to deal with the problem, today’s generation is being brought up in the proper way – psychology plus professionalism – here what we need. Yes, one of the most critical features every company should have.

Keep in mind - no matter how great your product is, if a customer feels bad experience with the company representative, he will look to competitors for a better experience.

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