Friday, July 28, 2017

Social Customer Service - a Company-Wide Value

In the world of social, where everyone is engaged in at least a few social platforms, the value of social customer service changes, becoming everyone's job, regardless of employee position. Social channels present an amazing opportunity for companies to engage with existing and potential customers. And when many employees are involved in delivering customer service across social channels, it becomes a strategic opportunity for the company.

It's clear, that not everyone can handle the customer message to the end, they can at least pass the issue to a trained ear to figure out what actions need to be taken to help and satisfy the customer. Besides having skilled, knowledgeable people behind company's social media handles, whole staff should be trained for delivering minimum care when occasion occurs.

What is the Secret Sauce to Great CX?
Well, the secret sauce to great CX is providing fast support and when many people are in the game, success is inevitable. Social customer care gives you the ability to think carefully about the reply and do all that in a casual, friendly conversational voice.
People trust other people more than company official representatives. Side help can lead to better results, agree?

What is the impact of your team in your organization? Do you coach and mentor all employees to be ready for minimum support? Can they all become key contributors by solving problems independently?

Keep in mind that omnichannel customer service starts with every single employee and only ends with technology, coach employees for primary knowledge readiness and you will win the competitive game.

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