Monday, September 25, 2017

We are What We Eat, We are What We Serve Others

We've heard lots of such phrases in our life and they all seem to be true. When I first read “ we are what we tweet” a smile appeared on my face, but really, we share what we are interested in, we speak about things we are comfortable about, what makes us happy or disturbs us.
And the same refers to the service we deliver. If we are a great company, we serve our customers accordingly. In other words, we serve with all our heart and willingness to make our customers happy.
Well, today I’d like to dive deeper into customer service, mentioning one of the greatest experts in the field, Chip Bell, whose book I just finished reading.
Months ago I attended ICMI conference where I was presented one of his books. I adore attending conferences, there are so any advantages - starting from making good friends to interesting content and learning new things. As you know, some of the  conference speakers sign an ‘x’ number of books and present to attendees. This is another beloved part from conferences, as I always have long flights home and book reading helps greatly to spend the time on board wisely.
The book I am going to speak about is called “ Kaleidoscope”, based on the fundamental values driving  innovative service. It was another powerful wake up call for me to start another post and bring some decisive thoughts to my readers’ attention.
Besides recommending you to read the book, I want to point out some interesting facts detailed in the book, which will help us understand if we are really here to serve and make difference to our customers:

  • Good service leaves customers satisfied, innovative service makes them swoon and become zealous advocates for your business. Innovative comes from your core; it evokes an experience of genuineness, a sense that its source is deep, not superficial.
  • Good is the key to customer retention, but unique is the secret to customer advocacy.
  • It is an innovation to all service providers to constantly up their game.
  • Generosity is the key to opening a door into a garden of opportunity for a more expansive relationship.
  • We live our lives on promises. Service begins with a promise made or implied.
  • Honor and trust are the lifeblood of repeat business.
  • Be slow to blame, quick to affirm and the very best at celebrating your customers. Always do what you say you will do. If you cannot, renegotiate early.

Chip also recommends us to start every day with an “ it’s showtime!” attitude. And when I met him, I did understand that his attitude was similar! Just imagine this and your life becomes full of adventures.
So what? Are we here to serve and make a positive difference in our customers’ lives? Many will say “sure” Can you act like every day is your customer’s birthday, treating different customers differently? Can you be the giver you hope your customers become? Can you be a rainbow in someone’s cloud…?

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