Thursday, September 18, 2014

The True Cost of a Great Customer Service

We used to speak about all possible effects of bad customer service, but seldom refer to the real cost of a good service, that’s because a human being thinks about negative things more than good ones, right?

A few days ago I entered a shop to buy some decorations for the upcoming holiday. I knew what I needed to buy and entered the shop very confident, just the way people behave when they are sure what they want. I was short of time too. It’s needless to say when I left the shop. And only then did I realize what a good customer service can cost. I bought so much stuff, spent all the money I had with me and that was a result of a great service I never met before.

Here you can see how customers respond to good service:

Majority think that customer service is an easy job that can be accomplished by nearly everyone. In fact it’s so, everyone can do it, but how?  It’s difficult enough to prepare a savvy staff for that. That’s why only about 10 percent of companies deliver great customer service. Although 80 percent of companies think they deliver superior customer service.

When you realize the full potential of a good customer service, you do understand that the game is worth the candle. 

Good customer service is a two-way street, where both can be happy – as when you create some value for someone else, you yourself become happy. And don’t forget that it can cost five times more to buy new cus­tomers than retain exist­ing ones.

Remember - customer service starts with you and you can be that change to the better!

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