Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Exceptional Customer Service with Co-Browsing

Exceptional customer service drives customer satisfaction. True, and in order to provide the best customer service, you should have better relationship with your prospects and customers and at the same time use different technologies that can balance their happiness.
Co-browsing, being deployed across many serious industries at present plays a major role in many savvy business’ routines. It’s used for customer/sales support, online shopping, trainings, collaboration, transactions and more.

Co-browsing “why”s

If you are still unaware of co-browsing “why”s, let’s start with the simplest one - with co-browsing you can see exactly what your prospect/customer sees. You, in your turn, can use the pointer to guide throughout the website, show the products/services, help to choose the best one for the case and help complete the purchase. And the most important fact is that co-browsing guaranties security while sharing your web. What else is needed for a successful business?

Co-browsing “how”s

How co-browsing works? There are many solutions in the market, but I’ll mention the way, the  best one can perform.
  • works with any browser on any computer
  • works across all firewalls and pop-up blockers
  • works on mobile devices
  • works with complex pages and technologies
  • limits view to any combination of web domains, web pages, desktop applications, documents, etc.
  • hides/blocks sensitive data like credit card numbers or account numbers
  • does not store any customer information, ensures regulatory compliance

 Co-browsing “pros”

What values will co-browsing add to the business? Really worth ones:
  • real time assistance
  • customer service improvement
  • customer satisfaction and loyalty increase
  • first call resolution rates increase
  • call handling time decrease
  • self-service tools adoption
  • agents empowerment
  • confidence increase
  • revenues increase
  • new visibility into the customer experience
Many financial and governmental services, retail, telecom, insurance and travel companies already use co-browsing and they saw significant increases in customer satisfaction scores. If you’re not in the list yet, hurry up; use co-browsing for your business success!

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